He Had the Right Idea

Fancy Windows by Eva Constanti
I wanted to use photos by Elena Kalis but can’t. However, please enjoy them anyways.

I was thinking today:

There are always shortcuts in life, it’s just that the shortcuts don’t always lead to our desired destination. It’s like hopping down the rabbit hole – you are transported, but not to anywhere you’d like to be. You go through endless trials and riddles to find your place, and even then, you end up finding out that your “wonderland” isn’t what you wanted. You find out that queens will sever heads of kings, and that roses are painted red. You find out that your tears can drown you, and that not all smiles are the same.

Alice may have gone through a maddening hell hole, but really, was it so bad? What’s more mad – the fact that such a place exists, or the fact that we can endure anything as insane as reality? That we force ourselves to accept reality. I want to breathe so deep that I fall into the wind. I want to be so weightless that I am carried away, and am flying across the skies. I don’t want to be on the ground, burning in the invisible flames, but it seems that the fire is still felt from deep within – stretching across with me, wherever I go.

I find it all very maddening.


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